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Sparco Trackmate allows the most relevant data to be tracked during laps, communicating via Wi-Fi/BLTE with the small control unit (the size of a GoPro, waterproof and impact-resistant).

Just download the App from AppStore to your IPhone and start recording

There are two modes of use:

Open Road Mode

-3D route on map

-maximum and average speed

-longitudinal and transverse acceleration

-total time

Closed Track Mode

-3D trajectory on map

-maximum and average speed

-longitudinal and transverse acceleration

-lap time

-best lap time

-ideal lap time

-split time

In the online library, all the main race tracks worldwide are available, with the possibility to create new ones using Google Maps cartography.

Driving on an open road

• Start recording and enjoy the drive

• At the end of the route, you can see your statistics. From the route on Google Maps to the maximum speed reached, the average speed and the longitudinal and transverse accelerations. You can also review the trajectory point by point.

Driving on a track

• GPS location lets you to automatically view the tracks closest to your location

•Can’t you find your track? Create it easily through the app in less than a minute.

• Live View : turn your device into an effective and colourful dashboard to see your lap times and deviations from the best lap time in real time

Once the data has been acquired, it will be possible to see the replay of the various laps with the indication of a coloured gradient showing the performance.

Share the results instantly on social networks.

Sparco är världens ledande tillverkare av utrustning för Rally & Racing och Karting Företaget grundades 1977 av två unga förare som ville förbättra sin egen utrusning, nu över 40 år senare är Sparco världsledande på brandsäker skyddsutrustning för tävlingsbruk.
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