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The Raket 120 has become the most popular choice for Para motors and hang gliders. The Raket 120 combines its high power with extreme low weight.
Raket 120 Aero
This model is with electric start and clutch. It has an automatic decompression valve that ease up the start procedure.
The engine delivers 10,5 kw at 9 000 rpm and the weight of only 6,9 kg complete!!.
The engine can fit most application, we have published a set of drawings that you ca use in your construction of your product.
The engine comes complete with a original Raket exhaust
We deliver the engine complete with a clutch drum with an axle so you can fit it to your drive system

The engine is delivered complete with:

Technical data

type of engine one cylinder two-stroke engine, piston control of inlet
cylinder volume 118,8
stroke 42 mm
bore 60 mm
piston ring 1 st 1,5mm
cooling fan cooled
ignition transistor
power 10 kw 9000rpm
max rpm 13000 rpm
weight 6,8 kg
carburettor Walbro
clutch centrifugal
starter magnapul rope start
Standard 1 1
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