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Raket 120 Aero ES-RD

ARTIKELNR: 3201-81

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Raket 120 Aero ES-RD complete engine with a built-in reduction drive.

Raket 120 ES-RD is developed for paramotors and it is prepared for propeller mounting.

The engine has a built-in electrical start and the engine starts with a simple click on the start button.

The weight of the engine complete with reduction drive is only 8,1 kg (without battery and exhaust)

The engine is delivered complete with carburettor, reductiondrive and user manual.

You can choose between following reduction gear:

32400     Ratio 1:3
32400-1 Ratio 1:3,3
32400-2 Ratio 1:4
32400-3 Ratio 1:3,6

 Exhaust is an option

Technical data

type of engineone cylinder two-stroke engine, piston control of inlet
cylinder volume118,8
stroke42 mm
bore60 mm
piston ring1 st 1,5mm
coolingfan cooled
power10 kw 9000rpm
max rpm13000 rpm
weight6,8 kg
starterbuilt-in electric start
Standard 1 1
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