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The new B6 Screamer is FIA approved to 8855-1999 and replaces the popular B6F and B6F XL.

The belt holes are now positioned higher for taller drivers. The rear of the seat has a new design which is more compact to avoid roll bars and better looking. Importantly the weight is now 20% lighter than the B6F as this seat uses our brand new moulding system which creates seats of a superior strength. 

The Screamer can be used quite comfortably without any padding, meaning that you can achieve a lower driving position than most other seats on the market. The seat is ultra rigid which stops the harness and Hans device from coming loose during an accident. This rigidity coupled with the fact that the seat can run without covering, adds to driver feedback from the chassis and the lack of covering also works better in any harsh environment. 

B6 Screamer – A direct B6F-44 replacement of our most popular FIA seat.
B6 40 Screamer – Replacement for B6F-41; the same size as standard B6 Screamer but narrower and also FIA homologated, even with the seat’s rolled edges removed.
B6 XL Screamer – A B6F-47 XL replacement for drivers over 100 kg.
B6 43 XL Screamer – Replacement for the B6F-44 XL: now FIA homologated with the edges cut down to 43 cm allowing a larger driver to race a very narrow car.

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