Lufttrycksmätare 0-2,5 bar

 Lufttrycksmätare med en…

 Lufttrycksmätare med en skala från 0 till 2,5 bar, stor tavla.  Kromat handtag med knapp för att släppa ur luft. 

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Lufttrycksmätare HI.PRE.MA 3 EVO 0-7 bar


  PRECISION  : maximum error at full scale of 0.1%   RELIABILITY  : this gauge does not require calibration; whenever you switch on it the internal microprocessor automatically performs the procedure in order to reach a reliable mesure at…

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Lufttrycksmätare Unitire IR

 UniTire combines many…

 UniTire combines many new ideas not seen before in a tire pressure gauge. First of all, it is very precise. Instead of a normal air hose between the handle and the gauge, UniTire use a flexible cable. That means that all the air that is normally wasted in the hose, is no problem in…

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