Raket 95 Micro Komplett
Raket 95 Micro Komplett
Raket 95 Micro Komplett
Raket 95 Micro Komplett


Raket 95 Micro Komplett


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The Raket engine has been a great success for over 30 years. Many Formula 1 stars has begun their career with a Raket engine.
            Raket engines is used in 14 countries today as a base for karting for young drivers. 
2-Stroke engines has been used for karting since the start and the demands from organisations and federation of lower noise and lower emissions has been 
We decided a few years ago to develop something unique for young drivers, the result after years of development was a completely new 2-stroke engine for karting that has up to 70% less emissions from the exhaust gases than other similar engines.
Electric start has become obvious the last years so we made a built in electric start and also a rope start system.

            The Cylinder

            The cylinders are made by well-known German Mahle who is on of the greatest cylinder manufacturer in the world. The cylinder is die casted with very high precision.
            The cylinder has a unique inlet and transfer ports from the Dual Charge technique that transfers the fresh air from the inlet to push out the burned gases. 

            Crank case

 In difference from the predecessor is the Raket 95 crankcase die casted. This gives the crank case very high precision and surface finish.

            Built in electric start

 The engine is as standard equipped with electric start. A robust and strong electric start engine easily starts the 95 cc engine with a simple push on the start button. All cables and batteries are included in the delivery.

            Rubber fitted carburettor

 The carburettor that is fitted on the Raket engines are of diaphragm type. To lower the vibrations that can disturb the fuel delivery is the carburettor on the Raket 95 connected to the cylinder in rubber.

            Crank shaft

 The forged crank case are made in Sweden in on the worlds best crank shaft factories world wide. With a enormous precision is the crankshafts grinded to perfection with really small tolerances.


 Raket 95 is equipped with centrifugal made of steel to mange the high friction at high rpm.

Ignition system

 An important detail is the electronic ignition system. We have chosen an ignition system the Italian Sellettra. Sellettra is since many years back a supplier of high quality ignition system to many different racing engines.
Exhaust system
 A completely new exhaust system is made to fit in, in our measurements do we not even need a catalytic converter to fit in the emission limits.

 The new silencer also lower the noise significant from other engines in the same range.

            What's in the box?

  • A complete exhaust system
  • Electric start
  • Carburettor
  • Clutch
  • Owners manual
  • Sparkplug wrench
  • Throttle cable
  • Springs
  • Stickers



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